High5 Class of 2025

The High5 provides young alums the opportunity to give back to help future Eastern students in an affordable way starting in their senior year. Seniors make a five year pledge that starts with a $10 gift, and continues at $10 a year for each of the next four years after that.

We are excited to coordinate this year’s High5 program in support of Eastern’s SGA Emergency Fund.

As  described in the video above this fund would allow students to receive extra financial support for the everyday tasks such as car repairs, medical bills, groceries and more! However, for this to happen, we need your help!  Please consider designating your High5 pledge to help kickstart this important program.

*Your pledge to the High5 program can go toward whatever you choose!

While the SGA Emergency fund is the primary focus of this year’s campaign, you still have the option to support whatever program on campus you choose.  It could be the High5 scholarship, an intercollegiate athletic team, an academic department, a club or organization or any other area of campus you’re passionate about.  All your donations will benefit the pre-existing fund you choose and are a great way to acknowledge the department or organization that made your Eastern experience memorable.

*All gifts will be directed to the closest related pre-existing fund.